Why blog?

I actually used to post a lot. Back when Facebook and Cyworld were a thing, I think I averaged about a post a day or maybe a bit less than that. 90% of them were virtually meaningless chitchat, sports gossip and what would now probably be called “sxxtposting.” I stopped posting anything since around six or seven years ago. I don’t remember exactly why, but it does coincide with the time I actually started doing serious research. Or maybe I just got older. Now, SNS is more like a channel for lurking and eavesdropping on my friends and acquaintances and for my less-than-yearly announcements and updates.

I recently decided to resume posting and blogging. No more useless chitchat, but more dishing out my research for potential outreach and engagement. Plus some notes-to-self. At least that’s what I have in mind right now. During my graduate years I found out that writing out loud helps me organize my thoughts and sometimes find what’s missing, especially in research. Well, science is a cooperative enterprise, so why not post things publicly and let other people find what’s missing as well?

I think I’ll begin with my intuitive working understanding of some specific physical phenomena, which are possibly unpopular or controversial. I typically write up manuscripts for things that I think are concrete and publishable, so the material I will be posting here are not concrete at all, or at least not yet. I have no idea how often I’ll have the time to write, but it’s a start.

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